Friday, December 14, 2007

NTHP on Sustainable Stewardship

press release from the front lines...

Washington, D.C. (December 13, 2007) – Richard Moe, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, tonight called for historic preservation’s “essential role” in fighting climate change, in a speech following his receipt of the National Building Museum’s prestigious 2007 Vincent Scully Prize.

Construction and operation of buildings, Moe noted, contributes 48% of America’s greenhouse gases – nearly double that of cars, trucks, trains and airplanes – and even construction of the greenest new building contributes to global warming. Despite that, Moe said, the most talked about solution to global warming is building new, greener buildings, often destroying an old one in the process. “We can’t build our way out of our environmental problems. We have to conserve our way out. That means we have to make better, wiser use of what we’ve already built.”
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Read Moe's speech here. It is, not surprisingly, great, as the NTHP has been a leader on this issue long before LEED.

and don't forget to check out NTHP's Sustainability Resources

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