Saturday, January 19, 2008

Embodied Energy Calculator

Our hard work as finally paid off... and it's too big to fit on this blog! So we've created a website devoted solely to our May T. Watts Appreciation Society Embodied Energy Calculator!

The calculators are located at - check 'em out and let us know what you think. You can figure embodied energy, demolition energy, compare embodied energy to gallons of gas, and even do a complete teardown calculation. With help from MJ, we think we've put together a great site for preservationists to visit. We hope you all find it useful.

We've also now posted the ACHP report discussed earlier on The Greenest Building site for download. So get it and get working!

We'll keep tweaking the page, adding more calculators, and are working on a survey model calculator. If anyone wants to donate graphic design experience, that could probably help us a ton.

The greenest building is calculated.


jbeeson said...

Are the units correct for MBTU to BTU? Because MBTU is megabtu or 1000000 BTUs not 1000BTU, that is kBTU.

Colin said...

I have been doing calculations utilizing numbers from the calculator and came across the same issue as jbeeson.

For as often as this calculator is noted and praised I'm surprised this question hasn't come up more often.

Any chance of getting clarification?

Chong said...

This is awesome!