Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ACHP embodied energy report available on Forum

You're a NTHP Forum member, right? Then get over to their pdf file cabinet and download the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation's Assessing the Energy Conservation Benefits of Historic Preservation: Methods and Examples. This is THE embodied energy resource. The ACHP report provides three models to assess embodied energy: concept, survey, and inventory. These models are based on the amount of information available on a given building, and range from the most general--gross floor area and building type for the concept model--to more specific, including the embodied energy of a range of specific "per unit" building materials (e.g., a brick, a single brick, is worth 14,300 BTUs). There are also demolition and renovation models. Neat stuff.

Watch this space and we'll post some tables to help you get started on concept modeling.

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